Sight Words Wordsearch Puzzle Generator

For a long time wordsearch puzzles have been helping students improve their reading and language arts skills. Until recently, wordsearch puzzles were created manually, which meant a tedious and time-consuming process. Now, with the help of computers, creating wordsearch puzzles is as simple as selecting settings and pressing a button!

On this page you will find the Sight Words Wordsearch Puzzle Generator. Here is how it works: The Sight Words list is divided into five parts: Pre-Primer, Primer, First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade. For example, you choose Second Grade, and 15 as the Number of Words. This means that the puzzle will be created for 15 random words taken from the Second Grade list.

Please note that a puzzle is generated every time you press the "Build" button. Because the words are selected and placed in the puzzle randomly, the total number of possible puzzles is very large. The actual number of variations depends on the settings that you select, but the probability that you will get the same puzzle more than once is small.

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