The English language is not easy to master, but it's one of the best investments you can make. Learn powerful new words, practice correct spelling, and understand those unique, funny American phrases. There's always room for improvement whether you are a native English speaker or new to the language.

Our extensive library of quizzes will have something for nearly every English and ESL student. Younger students can quickly absorb new sight words. Older students who use their automated spell check as a crutch can get much needed practice with commonly misspelled words. Learn the translations for popular words in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese by playing our ESL games! Practise often and play against your friends! Everybody can learn at Quiz-Tree.

For ESL students:

ESL for Spanish Speakers

Estudiar Inglés es una gran manera de mejorar sus calificaciones escolares o avanzar a un mejor nivel en su carrera. Quiz-Tree tiene un gran surtido de juegos para ayudarle a practicar una gran cantidad de palabras comunes en Inglés.

ESL for French Speakers

Etudier l'anglais est un excellent moyen d'améliorer vos résultats scolaires ou de passer à un nouveau niveau dans votre carrière. Quiz-Tree a un grand assortiment de jeux pour vous aider à pratiquer de nombreux mots anglais communs.

ESL for Italian Speakers

Studiare inglese è un ottimo modo per migliorare i voti scolastici o di passare ad un nuovo livello nella tua carriera. Quiz-Tree ha un vasto assortimento di giochi per aiutarti a praticare molte parole inglesi comuni.

ESL for Portuguese Speakers

Estudar Inglês é uma ótima maneira de melhorar suas notas escolares ou mover para um novo nível em sua carreira. Quiz-Tree tem uma grande variedade de jogos para ajudar você a praticar muitas palavras inglesas comuns.

Most Popular American Idioms

Idioms are essential part of our everyday lives. Our idiom quizzes will check your knowledge of the most useful and fun idioms!

ESL Grammar


ESL Vocabulary

Many standardized verbal ability tests are in reality vocabulary tests. A strong vocabulary is essential in conveying your ideas effectively and persuasively. Expand your English vocabulary with our free quizzes!

ESL Pronunciation

Correct pronunciation is priceless in avoiding confusion and misunderstanding. Knowing the right pronunciation of words will make you a better communicator and an effective speaker.

Standard American Accent


Improve Your English:

For Kids:

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