Commonly Confused Words

Are You Making These Errors?

They can make you look bad. They can embarrass you. They can even cost you a job. Who are these sneaky impostors? Yes, you guessed it. We're (not "were") talking about commonly confused words.

These words sound alike or look similar, but they have different meanings. Every language has them, and English definitely has a fair (not "fare") share. The fact that English spelling is not phonetic makes things even trickier. Unfortunately, even computer spellcheckers are not smart enough to detect many misused words.

But don't despair. Invest a few minutes every day to study and test yourself here at Quiz-Tree. With our fun quizzes and ingenious rules of thumb, you will be well on your way to avoiding the costly mistakes of vocabulary misuse.

So, go ahead; choose (not "chose") your problem words from the list below and start learning!

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