Fractions with Trains Math Game

Fractions may be more important than you think. Indeed, the National Mathematics Advisory Panel says:

"Difficulty with fractions (including decimals and percents) is pervasive and is a major obstacle to further progress in mathematics, including algebra. A major goal for K-8 mathematics education should be proficiency with fractions (including decimals, percents, and negative fractions)... A key mechanism for learning fractions is to be able to represent them on a number line."

Our game has been specifically aligned with the following Common Core State standards:

The student's task is to help the cute panda to get to the bamboo forest. This is achieved by repairing gaps in the railroad. To repair the gaps it's necessary to select the right rail lengths, and this it where the students learn the meaning of fractions.

Not sure how to play? See it here in action:

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