Face your fears! Fractions can be fun! Often confusing to both children and adults, those dreaded fractions don't have to be scary. Understanding fractions can pave a smooth road for all kinds of simple math you use every day.

When you divide up a pizza or slice a birthday cake, you are working in fractions. Learning to tell analog time uses fractions. Following a recipe, using a measuring tape or even reading your car's gas gauge all involve fractions! Common uses for fractions are endless, and you need to know how to use them.

So don't cower in panic from this crucial element of mathematics. Practice makes perfect, and getting started is HALF (1/2) the battle, right? Brush up on these essential math basics by playing any of the games below.

New: Learn simple fractions with this fun game!
Fractions with Trains Screenshot

Fractions 1
topic grades type steps
Fractions 13 to 420
Fractions 1 23 to 420
Fractions 1 33 to 420
Fractions 1 43 to 420
Fractions 1 53 to 420
Fractions 23 to 420
Fractions 2 23 to 423
Fractions 33 to 420
Fractions 3 23 to 420
Fractions 3 33 to 423

topic grades type steps
Addition3 to 420
Addition 23 to 420
Addition 33 to 420
Addition 43 to 421

Fractions and Decimals

Improper Fractions
topic grades type steps
Improper Fractions3 to 420
Improper Fractions 23 to 420
Improper Fractions 33 to 420
Improper Fractions 43 to 420
Improper Fractions 53 to 420

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