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Mathematics is one of the most important subjects taught in school. It is therefore especially unfortunate that some students lack elementary mathematical skills even after completing many years of study. An inadequate grasp of simple every-day mathematics can negatively affect a person's life.

Clearly, students with poor understanding of basic math will have problems in college and in obtaining advanced degrees. But the negative impact goes beyond academics. With modern life getting more complicated every day, people with inadequate knowledge of school-level math find themselves at a disadvantage when competing for high-paying jobs, buying cars or real estate, investing, and in dozens of other real-life situations.

So, how is it that many otherwise smart people aren't fluent in basic mathematical skills?

Often it starts in elementary school: For various reasons some children miss those basics that will later provide them with a solid understanding of more advanced concepts. An important reason why many intelligent and capable students have difficulty grasping these basic concepts is that they are often taught in dull and tedious form.

Memorizing mathematical facts from a textbook can be daunting for students, especially if this is their only way of learning. We recognize the challenge teachers face in getting students interested about such subjects as math. Enter Math Games!

Math Games line of software attempts to help those teachers and parents who want to make math education more fun and exciting. This software is by no means a complete solution to math literacy, but it can be used as a valuable supplement to teacher instruction and other computer teaching tools.

Math Games Level 1 teaches addition and multiplication with numbers from 1 to 12. Using the mouse to move the game's sliders, a student can select the values to calculate. Then, he or she simply clicks on the "Ask Me" button and lets the friendly robot do the calculation and report the result.

The game is guaranteed to engage students' attention while teaching them the fundamentals of math. We believe that this game is particularly valuable because it combines education and fun.

The game window can be resized or maximized to make it even more exciting for those young children just learning how to use the computer.

The software is free for personal use. Educational institutions, for-profit and governmental entities should contact Sierra Vista Software about site licenses if they wish to use the software beyond the 30-day trial period.

To download Math Games Level 1 for Windows please click here.

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