The Oscars

Calling all movie buffs! Do you adore the Academy Awards? Never miss a red carpet premiere? Did you name your pet "Oscar" after the shiny gold statuette? We have the trivia games for you!

Grab some popcorn and get settled in your seat to enjoy hundreds of questions that will test your movie knowledge! Even true cinephiles will be challenged to match the correct winners for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture over the long, esteemed history of these awards.

Our multiple choice quizzes are fun to play and you will enjoy traveling down the memory lane of moving pictures as you recall which members of Hollywood royalty won the coveted prize.

Best Picture Winners
topic grades type steps
Best Picture WinnersGrown-ups10
Best Picture Winners 2Grown-ups10
Best Picture Winners 3Grown-ups10
Best Picture Winners 4Grown-ups10
Best Picture Winners 5Grown-ups10
Best Picture Winners 6Grown-ups10
Best Picture Winners 7Grown-ups19

Best Actress Winners
topic grades type steps
Best Actress WinnersGrown-ups10
Best Actress Winners 2Grown-ups10
Best Actress Winners 3Grown-ups10
Best Actress Winners 4Grown-ups10
Best Actress Winners 5Grown-ups10
Best Actress Winners 6Grown-ups10
Best Actress Winners 7Grown-ups10
Best Actress Winners 8Grown-ups10

Best Actor Winners
topic grades type steps
Best Actor WinnersGrown-ups10
Best Actor Winners 2Grown-ups10
Best Actor Winners 3Grown-ups10
Best Actor Winners 4Grown-ups10
Best Actor Winners 5Grown-ups10
Best Actor Winners 6Grown-ups10
Best Actor Winners 7Grown-ups10
Best Actor Winners 8Grown-ups10

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