Physics and Astronomy

Do you love gazing at the stars at night? Or do you ever wonder about the matter outside our planet? Quiz-Tree has provided a series of fun quizzes that will let you learn more about the celestial objects in our universe.

Challenge yourself on how much you know about the solar system and the heavenly bodies. Find out more interesting facts about the planets, stars and even the Milky Way by answering the games below. Learning astronomy and physics has never been this fun!

The Solar System 1
topic grades type steps
The Solar System 15+10
The Solar System 25+10
The Solar System 35+10

The Sun
topic grades type steps
The Sun5+10

The Planet Mercury
topic grades type steps
The Planet Mercury5+10

The Andromeda Galaxy
topic grades type steps
The Andromeda Galaxy5+10

Neutron Stars
topic grades type steps
Neutron Stars5+9

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

The Asteroid Belt
topic grades type steps
The Asteroid Belt5+8

The Milky Way
topic grades type steps
The Milky Way5+10

topic grades type steps

Black Holes
topic grades type steps
Black Holes5+9

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

topic grades type steps

Famous Astronomers
topic grades type steps
Famous Astronomers5+11

Famous Physics Formulas
topic grades type steps
Famous Physics Formulas12+10

Amateur Telescopes
topic grades type steps
Amateur Telescopes5+10

Famous Scientists
topic grades type steps
Famous Scientists5+10

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Space : NPR

Why Riding An Elevator Is Like Changing Gravity
If you time it just right, tossing a ball in the air as an elevator starts to move, the ball seems to hang in the air for a moment, like gravity had b...

Writing On The Terrifying Beauty Of The Human Future
Author Kim Stanley Robinson deserves a place as a true visionary: He has done more than just write good science-fiction ? he's mapped out new territor...

Trump's Nominee To Be The Next Head Of NASA Prepares For Senate Hearing
President Trump's pick for the next head of NASA, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., will have his Senate nomination hearing on Wednesday. He's been contr...

Scientists Spot First Alien Space Rock In Our Solar System
Astronomers are eager to learn more about the visitor as it zooms through, like how far-off planets form: "You'd love to see if it looks like stuff in...

Astronaut Paul Weitz Dies At 85; Veteran Of Skylab And Shuttle Missions
Selected by NASA in 1966, Weitz went on to fly on the first manned Skylab mission and performed vital space walks to fix the stricken station. He late...

NYT > Space & Cosmos

Trilobites: An 8th Planet Is Found Orbiting a Distant Star, With A.I.?s Help
A Google neural network analyzed data collected by NASA and helped astronomers detect another planet around a star some 2,500 light years away.

Trilobites: The Great Red Spot Descends Deep Into Jupiter
The iconic storm plunges 200 miles beneath the clouds of the solar system?s largest planet, and possibly much deeper, according to data from NASA?s Ju...

A Glimpse of Oumuamua
Astronomers have discovered a passing rock from another star ? the first interstellar asteroid.

Trilobites: New Pacific Island Could Resemble Ancient Martian Volcanoes
An explosive volcanic eruption in 2014 resulted in a new addition to the Tonga Islands. Its shifting landscape could help scientists studying Mars.

Trump Announces That the Moon Is Astronauts? Next Destination
The presidential directive called for partnership with other nations and commercial companies but did not offer details about schedule or cost.

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