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Personal Finance Quizzes.

On these pages you will find quizzes that will help you get acquainted with terminology used in personal finance. Reading personal finance brochures or talking with a stock broker doesn't have to be intimidating. Our quizzes will test your knowledge and will hopefully help you better understand what really happens when you buy a house, apply for a loan or a second mortgage, refinance your house, etc.

Note: To obtain financial advice, please contact a qualified professional.

Please select a quiz from this list:

topic grades type steps
Bonds12+multiple choice

Home Financing
topic grades type steps
Home Financing12+multiple choice

Mutual Funds
topic grades type steps
Mutual Funds12+multiple choice

topic grades type steps
Stocks12+multiple choice
Stocks 212+multiple choice

Credit Cards
topic grades type steps
Credit Cards5+multiple choice

Car Loan Terminology
topic grades type steps
Car Loan Terminology5+multiple choice

IRA vs. 401(k)
topic grades type steps
IRA vs. 401(k)10+multiple choice

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Includes 4 quizzes:
  • Bonds - 1
  • Stocks - 1
  • Mutual Funds - 1
  • Home Financing - 1

Four quiz modes:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching
  • Type-in
  • True/False

Personal Finance Quizzes offers many useful features: skins, four quiz modes, export to Palm, paper tests, flashcard printing and more.

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